Security Article Dated 22nd June 2020


  • PG 15,

EDITOR: Whereas other sectors are fighting to survive relegation from the national cake, the security sector has maintained its position among the two best-funded sectors in Uganda, According to the budget of F/Y 2020/2021, security was allocated sh4.5 trillion (9.90%). Despite being in the top two, most Ugandans have continuously questioned why the security sector is very well funded, compared to other sectors like agriculture and health. They argue that Uganda is not at war, or in danger of external attacks, to require this kind of funding. In my assessment, most Ugandans understand security from a military perspective. Wolfer (1952) defines security as anything that concerns human beings. He argues that security is a value if those using it see it as such. Security can also be of value if what is being secured is of value. To clearly conceptualize security, we need to consider two major theoretical approaches to security: the traditional and liberal approach. The UNDP report on Human Development (1994), introduced new dimensions of human security.

The report introduced a new concept of human security, which equates security with people rather than territories. Developed countries like the US, have the capacity to finance both military and human security. The question is, what happens to developing countries like Uganda? Could this explain why the security budget has maintained its position in the top two? The answer is yes and I do not know. Yes, because we have recently witnessed the security sector intervene in matters of human security. The most recent interventions are the fights against the coronavirus, fight against desert locusts, distribution of food, among others. In my opinion, I believe the security sector deserves to be among the two best-funded sectors, given the responsibilities they have, which cut across almost all other sectors.


Compiled By:

Jacob Ampeire